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National Soil Conservation Week (NSCW), is our annual opportunity to remind all Canadians about the important of soil health and conservation. This year NSCW will be celebrated between April 17 and 22. Every year SCCC looks forward to getting our message on soil care out to the public in our role as the face and voice of soil conservation in Canada.

To see all the activities we have planned for National Soil Conservation Week; please click on the banner below. You will find our media release, a feature article that will be broadly released just prior to NSCW and some support materials you can use to promote soil health and conservation throughout the year.

The key activity we are focusing on this year is the launch of our "Soil Your Undies" (SYU) Campaign. In cooperation with the Innovative Farmers of Ontario, we will use NSCW as a national platform to get as many Canadians as possible to take part in this fun and informative demonstration of soil health. In April, we will be releasing a video of the burial of plain white cotton underwear at the AAFC Central Experimental Farm. In July, we will record the recovery of those same cotton underwear and examine the state of decomposition. In this case, more is better. A high level of decomposition indicates a healthy and biologically active soil. The great thing about SYU is that anyone with a farm, vegetable garden or flower bed can take part. Click below and follow the links to SYU.

What's coming next? Well click here to check out the plans for our 2017 Summit.

– Alan Kruszel

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