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Are you interested in soil health? Did you know soil degradation is still a huge issue in Canada? Are you willing to help be part of the solution? Support the Soil Conservation Council of Canada! We are actively seeking individuals or organizations with an interest in soil to help us out by either becoming a member or making a tax deductible donation to help continue our crucial work!

Soil Organic Matter (SOM) is the foundation of a healthy soil. Without this vital component, soil is really just dirt. Abundant SOM helps keep nutrients out of waterways, stores water for crop growth and reduces green house gases and enhances crop resilience.

Research from the University of Manitoba suggests that soil degradation (SOM loss) costs Canadians up to $3 billion a year! In some parts of Ontario, SOM has declined by nearly 50% since cultivation began!

The SCCC is the face and voice of soil conservation and health in Canada. We are the only national organization working with partners from across the value chain to actively raise public awareness, advocate for government and industry investments, promote the benefits of improved soils and demonstrate best management practices to achieve healthier soils across the agricultural landscape.

Remember, according to world renowned author David R. Montgomery from University of Washington, no civilization has ever outlived its soil!

Thank you for your support!

– Alan Kruszel
Soil Conservation Council of Canada

Severe Wind Erosion May 24, 2017 on Hwy 2 near Glenboro, MB
(Laura Rance, Glacier FarmMedia)

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