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Soil Conservation Council of Canada to bring World Congress on Conservation Agriculture to Winnipeg in 2014

November 30, 2011:

Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC), the voice for soil conservation in the country, is pleased to announce that it will host the 6th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture in 2014 today at the Grow Canada Conference in Winnipeg. SCCC is undertaking this task in partnership with Conservation Agriculture Systems Alliance (CASA). CASA is a North American alliance of producer organizations united with a common goal to advance conservation agricultural systems.

The congress takes place in June of 2014 in Winnipeg, Man. It is still in the planning stages, but SCCC has already put some thought into making the Canadian congress different from previous years.

"We want to broaden the congress audience to include producers," says Glen Shaw, Executive Director of SCCC. "Farmers have led the conversion from conventional to no-till in Canada and we want to provide opportunities for them to tell their story and also be stimulated by new ideas from around the world."

The congress will host world industry, academic and producer leaders in conservation agriculture. It will provide an opportunity for Canadians to show the world our progress in conservation agriculture and to learn from the experiences of other countries.

Don McCabe, President of SCCC, was a presenter at the 5th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture this past September in Brisbane, Australia. It was at this congress that McCabe presented the successful application to host the congress in Winnipeg in 2014.

"Agriculture in Canada has made so much progress in our relatively short history," says McCabe, who operates a corn, soybean, and wheat farm near Inwood, Ont. "Today, Canadian farms produce much more than food, fuel and fibre. No-till agriculture provides many solutions for problems faced throughout the world today, such as sequestration of greenhouse gasses and water purification."

The Soil Conservation Council of Canada is the face and voice of soil conservation in Canada. It is a national, non-governmental, independent organization, formed in 1987, to provide a non-partisan public forum to speak and act at the national level for soil conservation.