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6th World Congress brought together leaders in conservation agriculture

The Congress, once-every-three years' event, brought together farmers, researchers, educators, agricultural company representatives, government representatives and others from 47 countries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 22-25, 2014 to exchange ideas on using conservation agriculture.

The Congress, co-hosted by Soil Conservation Council of Canada and the Conservation Technology Information Center, was held in North America for the first time. The event included keynote speakers, presentations, networking opportunities and Canadian and US tours to see conservation agriculture on farms.

In a keynote address, David Montgomery, author of Dirt: the Erosion of Civilization opened the Congress with his "Case for Global Soil Restoration". Montgomery advised that "rebuilding soil is crucial for the future of civilization. Healthy soil is the foundation upon which human health and environmental health is built. It all starts with the ground beneath our feet".

Howard G. Buffett, a farmer, businessman and author of eight books stated that differences among regions mean that no one cropping system or practice works. He emphasized that sustainable agriculture is essential for meeting the need for increased food production.

Dwayne Beck, manager of the Dakota Lakes Research Farm, closed the Congress by challenging attendees to use science and reason, not emotion and rumours, when tackling issues related to soil degradation. Beck stated, "if tillage was so good for elimination of weeds they'd all be gone by now".

Attendees heard a consistent message that implementation of conservation agriculture is key to sustainable agriculture and feeding the world's growing population.

Here are the Congress presentations.

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