About The Logo

Soil Conservation Council of Canada (SCCC) Logo

The logo is symbolic of the role of the council, its vision and the message it strives to communicate. It was developed with input from the membership. The various parts of the logo and the significance of each are as follows:

The hands. The hands form the shape of a spade symbolizing the combined effort in working with the soil.

The red barn. The barn recognizes the close relationship of the SCCC with agriculture.

The green field. The field represents the diversity of production.

The blue bird/watercourse. The bird is a loon, Canada's national bird, and the shape also represents a watercourse which emphasizes the need to protect our water and wildlife resources.

The green trees. These trees represent our desire to manage our forest resources.

As a whole, the logo represents the need to work together to embrace our soil and related resources for the benefit of present and future generations. The SCCC urges all those concerned about the environment and Canada's natural resources to join together to make the logo a Canadian reality.